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Enjoy free shipping now while it lasts! From November 1st onwards, a shipping fee will be introduced to account for rising operational costs.

Your Significant other will Never forget you giving him/her this bracelet!

Are you in love? Well, be careful! Because this bracelet may cause an emotional Heart attack to your partner! Get him/her one now and touch hands, take pictures, all while the two little hearts in your bracelets are connecting to each others!

High Quality material, won't rust!

Your package will include two bracelets, one for you and one for your loved one! Both are made from High quality stainless steel, and are resistant to rust, corrosion and tarnishing. I'll not NEVER FADE, just like you partner's love to you! ✦ Thr Braceletd Width: 5mm ✦ Bracelets Length:7" & 8.25" ✦

Jessica besvarede kunders hyppige spørgsmål!

●  Will I get my  refund  if anything wrong happens to my order?

Absolutely! Our customers have always been covered by our Buyer Protection Program, which means they are eligible for an instant full refund when something goes wrong. Examples: order did not arrive at all due to an incident/package stolen...etc

●  How much will I pay for shipping when I order?

Don't worry, the shipping is completely FREE! That means we will not charge you extra on top of the product price.

●  Do you accept payments with PayPal?

Yes. We accept PayPal as it adds a second layer of protection to buyers on top of our pre-existing buyer protection program.

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Cuantivo️ Lovers, Armbåndssæt